Why Brilliant Ethiopia?

#1: We know Ethiopia

We have lived and worked in Ethiopia long before our days at Brilliant, and we still visit every year. We only help people with Ethiopian experiences, because it’s a region we’re passionate about. This means we can give you advice and personal recommendations for where to go, where to stay, and what to do.

#2: We work with a network of local partners

We’ll listen to what you want from your trip and we’ll suggest an itinerary or places to stay based on your exact requirements. We rarely arrange the same experience twice. Plus, because we work directly with trusted partners in Ethiopia, your money goes to the local community.

#3: We’ll help you arrange your trip in a way that suits you

You can book your entire, personalised trip with us or we can recommend local partners so you can book trips directly with them. Whatever help you need, we can provide advice and support. We know that creating the perfect itinerary is important.

Our Team


Luke’s passion for adventure travel goes back to his explorations in Zimbabwe and Tanzania in his late teens. He’s subsequently been part of some of the travel industry’s great innovations, including leading roles in developing online hotel reservations and customer reviews. More recently he’s been a champion of both regionally specialised travel propositions and a drive to connect travellers directly to the local guides and operators that run the trips.



Tom has a long-standing love affair with Africa. He started the award-winning marine conservation charity Blue Ventures (www.blueventures.org) in Madagascar, and has lived in several sub-Saharan countries over the years. Tom has started a number of businesses with a social mission, working closely with local communities but also with a keen eye on environmental issues. In 2012 Tom built a house on the Kenyan coast and visits East Africa as often as he can.



Mark first experienced Africa 20 years ago running around the bush and mangling the Swahili language with his team of very patient game scouts. This ignited a passion for the history, landscapes, biodiversity and people of the continent that has obsessed him ever since and seen him live and work across the continent. Ethiopia is the ultimate African destination for Mark, combining so many attractions he still can't decide which part of the country he likes best. 



Marc's first experience with Ethiopia involved three weeks traversing Ethiopia's bumpy roads, taking meditative walks along Lalibela's rural plateaus, and drinking Tej with the locals in a makeshift bar in Bale. Since then, he's developed partnerships with exceptional local partners and worked alongside them to deliver quality itineraries to the core destinations in Ethiopia, whilst developing new experiences in under-developed regions.