Reasons to go

Falls: At their most impressive during the June to September rainy season, The Blue Nile Falls consist of four separate streams that come together into a mass of water 400m wide as they thunder uninterrupted from a height of 45m. One of East Africa’s most impressive waterfalls, rainbows frequently arch across the spray at their base close to the main viewpoint, an area once home to hippopotamus and Nile crocodile.

Birdlife: Grab a pair of binoculars and watch for the diverse bird life. The constant flow of the falls has created a small area of vegetation inhabited by a number of brightly-feathered bird species, including the wattled ibis which is endemic to Ethiopia, alongside a number of other rarities.

History: Admire the first stone bridge built in Ethiopia just a short walk from the main viewpoint of the falls, or take longer and explore the colourful religious paintings of ancient monasteries around Lake Tana.

Where to Stay

Most visits to Blue Nile Falls are made as day trips during tours of the Historic North Circuit. A wide range of accommodation options are available in Bahir Dar, used as a base for exploration of the area, while basic rooms are also available in the village of Tis Abay and camping possible near the falls themselves.

Holidays Including the Blue Nile Falls