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  • Bale Mountain Lodge is the best accommodation available in the region, by a long way. 
  • Rooms are thoughtfully designed with the surrounding environment in mind.
  • The lodge is the perfect base for exploring the National Park, whether you're visiting the Sanetti Plateau, Harenna Forest, or horse-riding through the mountains, the lodge is a great place to relax after the day's adventures. 
  • The lodge remains committed to sustainability initiatives and supporting the local communities. 


The lodge is perfectly located for day trips exploring the park. The lodge has dedicated staff lodging and you will make plans with your local guide at the lodge to discuss the best use of your time in the mountains. You can explore the Harenna Forest on foot and discover the nearby waterfalls and stunning verdant clearings.

A short drive takes you to the Sanetti plateau, and if you're up for the challenge you can even summit Mount Tulu Dimtu, Ethiopia's second highest point at 4389m. 

Horse riding can also be arranged around the park. 

Bale Mountain Lodge

The rooms

The lodge currently have 11 rooms, 3 stone-rooms near the lodge which are ideal for elderly guests, disabled access and single travellers. There are 5 more rooms nestled into the forest which are more romantic and secluded. The remaining rooms are found in the family 'houses'. All the rooms have a wood burning stove. Being deep in the Harenna Forest, it can get cold at night and so the lodge provides hot water bottles and electric blankets as standard. 

Bale Mountain Lodge

Food and Drink

The price of rooms includes full-board service. The lodge runs a set menu of varying dishes, typically catering towards an international palette rather than local Ethiopian cuisine. The dining hall is found near the reception and centres on a fireplace. The lodge offers a selection of alcohol drinks at no extra cost. 

Bale Mountain Lodge

Responsible Tourism

The lodge is attempting to assist with the husbandry of the Bale Mountains National Park by establishing an ethical and conservation driven accommodation in the heart of the park. The lodge is committed to the hiring and training of rural Ethiopians living in the region, and have partnered with a range of organisation to promote and implement sustainability initiatives for the park. 

Conservation and eco-tourism is clearly reflected in the design of the lodge, and spend any amount of time with the management team and it becomes clear the lodge is driven by their commitment to conservation. 

Bale Mountain Lodge
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