Defining Luxury

Luxury lodges are not 5* hotels. Luxury lodges combine exceptional service with beautiful design to create an experience unlike any other on offer in Ethiopia. Each of these lodges have all the facilities you’d expect from any decent hotel, but their aesthetic, service, and character combine to create an experience you can’t help but call luxurious. 

Luxury Lodges in Ethiopia

Limalimo Lodge

Limalimo Lodge is one of Ethiopia’s finest retreats. The lodge boasts floor-to-ceiling windows and a terrace complete with sunbeds offering remarkable views over the Simien range.

The views, aesthetic and service make this lodge the perfect start or end point for any Simien trek. You can also take take sorties into the park from here if you want to explore the park without compromising on comfort. 

Bale Mountain Lodge

Set deep within the Bale Mountains National Park, this boutique lodge is as secluded as it is charming. The lodge has a selection of cosy and well-designed rooms complete with a fireplace, ensuite bathroom and balcony.

The lodge is a stunning example of eco-lodging, with rooms perched unassumingly around the compound and accessed through a maze of pathways that wind through the forest. 

Ethiopia Luxury Lodges

Korkor Lodge

Korkor is yet another example of Ethiopian lodging that offers the service and aesthetic of luxury accomodation without marring its environment. The lodge feels like a natural extension to the stunning Gheralta landscape, with a selection of bungalows built with stone wall architecture, wooden floors and ceilings, and adjoining terraces.

Korkor Lodge is our first-choice of accommodation in Tigray, and a great base for exploring the rock-churches in the region. 

Kuriftu Resorts

The Kuriftu chain currently includes resorts in Bahir Dar, Bishoftu, and Adama. The resorts walk the line between boutique lodging and more up-market hotels. The service, design, and facilities of these resorts easily outperform any other accommodation options in the each destination, and there are new resorts opening up in the coming years. 

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