Brilliant Group Tours - How It Works

  1. Most companies put out an itinerary with fixed dates and prices, and get as many travellers as possible to sign up. No flexibility, nothing tailored to you. That’s not how you make group tours Brilliant. 

  2. We start with you, and only later find the itinerary, and travellers, to match. Everyone is individual, and every experience in Ethiopia should be tailored to your preferences and interests. Private and tailor-made tours are built around the traveller, why shouldn’t group tours be the same? 

  3. It all starts with our registration form. This 3 minute form covers the boring-but-essential information we need to get you set up, but also gives you a chance to tell us about what your dream adventure looks like. 

  4. So, if you’re serious about joining a group and discovering the wonders of Ethiopia, go ahead and complete our registration form by clicking the link below, and we’ll see you in your inbox first, and in Ethiopia soon after!

Brilliant Group Tours

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Ready to join a group tour?

Get in touch and we'll do all the hard work for you. We'll listen to your dream, find the perfect route, and get you booked in and ready to go. Brilliant. 

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