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  • Famed for being the highest hotel in Africa at 3260m, the Simien Lodge has long been one of the better places to stay in Ethiopia.
  • Excellent views and a chance to spend time with the Gelada Monkeys and other wildlife that often hang out around the hotel.
  • Use the hotel as a base for trekking, exploring and experiencing the majesty of the Simien National Park.
  • The only hotel inside the Simien Park, with easy access to viewpoints like Imet Gogo.
  • Built and run with sensitivity for the local environment and communities and continues to support the local people with involvement in a number of projects.


Inside the park, the Simien Lodge is a wonderful place from which to explore the park. From the hotel, you can organise day trips to visit some of the wonderful viewpoints here in the Roof of Africa. Knowledgeable local guides will take you out for treks to see some of the vistas and the parks flora and fauna, whether sitting with Gelada monkeys, or hunting the elusive Ethiopian wolf. 

Depending on your mobility, different treks can be organised as well as visits to the local villages for a coffee ceremony, or simply to experience life at its simplest, as well as a walk to a local monastery. The Simien lodge is also a fantastic place to depart for, or arrive from a few nights spent in the park. All camping equipment, food and guides can be arranged from the hotel. Brilliant Ethiopia will ensure this is booked with the right operators, as quality can vary wildly! 

In addition to heading off on foot, mountain bikes are available for hire from the lodge or you can organise transport to different parts of the park. 

Simien Lodge

The Lodge

The Simien Lodge is the only hotel inside the Simien park 40 minutes drive from Debark and, until the arrival of Limalimo, was the best hotel in the region. Comfortable and with good facilities, the Simien lodge is a great base to explore the region. Like many Ethiopian hotels, its is a little expensive and standards aren’t quite ‘world-class’ but it is an extremely comfortable and beautiful place to spend some time - these are the only two hotels we would recommend in the region. 

Built just beneath the escarpment edge for environmental reasons (although this does mean the views aren’t as good as they could be), the lodge is discreet, blending into the local environment and the views are still fabulous. Better this way than leaving an eyesore on the horizon from miles around. 

Simien Lodge

Rooms and Pricing

There are 24 rooms, consisting of ‘Tukels’ which are two, connected circular rooms.  All rooms come with underfloor heating by solar, which is helpful given it can get chilly at night. All rooms have Ethiopian decorations and there are the usual facilities like tea and coffee, a safe and full-length mirrors. The rooms are clustered together, so do ask for one of the rooms at the edges, where you’ll get a better view from your balcony. 

Simien Lodge

Food and Drink

The bar and restaurant, famed along with the hotel as ‘the highest in Africa’ is a great place to relax with a roaring fire set in the middle, and a good mixture of Ethiopian and Western food. 

Simien Lodge

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